“Bill Bauman is a leader who knows how to bring out the best in people. He acts with integrity, honesty and humility. For Bill, it wasn’t just about winning, but making sure the viewers got the information they needed to know to help them make decisions about their lives.
Bill believed that working in local news was a privilege that should not be taken for granted for a minute. He taught me how to respect the audience and my co-workers. I am proud to say Bill is not only my mentor, but a dear friend.” "

Todd Mokhtari Vice President, NBC4 News Los Angeles

“Jean Bauman, simply put, gets the job done. You never have to worry about if it will happen, or if it will be done well. Jean is a consummate professional who is dependable, skilled, and personable; the perfect trifecta! I would recommend Jean without hesitation for any assignment - no matter how difficult or involved. She is a skilled problem solver who always executes on every detail with a smile on her face and a skip in her step. She is a delight!”

Nina Szlosberg Landis Owner, Circle Squared Media

“Bill is a legend in Central Florida and in the television industry. His history of fairness, combined with solid news and broadcast judgment, made him a leader not only in the TV industry, but in the community. Bill has endeared himself to the people around him and to the professional world that looks to him for guidance.”

Pat Michaels Media and Public Relations, OneBlood

“There are legions of producers who can effectively cobble together video and sound to convey information. There are far fewer who possess the ability to assemble a story in such a compelling way that the viewer is still thinking about it days or even weeks later. Jean Bauman falls into the latter category.”

Greg Higgerson Development Director, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

“Bill Bauman is inspiring. He’s a true, walk-the-walk leader who rolls up his sleeves and gets things done. He’s smart, hard-working and ethical. Bill continues to be a great mentor, teacher and motivator for many broadcast industry managers today. He taught me how to take the high road and the right path even when it’s more difficult or unpopular. Having Bill on your team puts you in position to compete, excel and win.”

Ed Chapuis Vice President & News Director, KTXL FOX40

“Our video products and television show are improved by Jean’s contributions. She consistently goes the extra mile to find the right interview or information source which makes better content.”

JoAnne K. Liebeler Owner, 2 x 4 Productions

“Jean Bauman has been a hands on and active Board Member of the Hope CommUnity Center supporter for many years. She produced an amazing video for the Center, which captures in a profound way our core mission telling the story with heart as well as direct messaging.
She is both efficiently organized and creatively imaginative in delivering a product that our organization will be able to use with pride for a long time. People who see our video are always impressed with its quality. ”

Sister Ann Kendrick SND de Namur, Hope CommUnity Center/ Notre Dame Americorps

“The Bauman Media Group are the ultimate professionals. They quickly and enthusiastically responded to each and every request that I had. They are committed to quality and are schedule conscious.
Jean is unflappable - even in the most fluid and stressful circumstances. Their deep reservoir of experience inspires confidence in their work and in their ability to interact with important stakeholders. I highly recommend them.”

Deborah Robison Vice President of Communications, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute